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Wiggins Management & Consulting, LLC

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Initial 30 Minute Telephone Consultation: Free   

In-Office Consultations: $150 per visit (excludes mediation and contracted services) 

Workshop/Training Fees-

Conference/Workshop/Seminar: Pricing varies; please call.

Workforce Training: Pricing varies; please call. 

Red Cross Training- Pricing varies; please call. 

Speaking Engagements: Pricing varies; please call.

Mediation Fees-
 Serving as Mediator:

Initial 1 hour Consultation (In-Person or Telephone): Free.

Mediation Fees- $150 per hour (2 hour minimum required)- (cost is divided between the parties).

$100.00 Administrative fee- we prepare and submit all mediation documents for you to the court (this cost is separate from the mediation fee. Cost is divided between the parties).

*Sliding fee scale for Mediation Services only and for those who may qualify.*

Accepted Payment Methods 

  • Cash
  • ACH Bank Transfer
  • Bank Cashiers Check 
  • Bank/Certified Money Order  
  • Government Credit Card